Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three cups of coffee kind of day!

Yes, it has been one of those days. The kind where you just want to lounge around in bed all day....and the only one I can blame is myself......well, that, and cable television!

See, recently, we have jumped into the 21st century and upgraded our cable. We have been living on the basic local channels for a few years now....but we were approached at a weak moment and sold on the DVR features...that and the gazillion channels we probably don't need!

What does this have to do with three cups of coffee, you ask? Well, I have been up WAY too late watching really bad movies (aren't those the only kind of movies on at this time of night?!), and now I feel a little zombie like (ah, just like the movies I love!). Needless to say, I have been feeling a little bit (or a lot a bit) like sludge during the day.....but hey, the kids are cleaned and fed, I am clean and fed (ha!), and I have made a few more pieces of jewelry...not too bad. Because school starts next week, I am going to quit burning the midnight oil (okay, after tonight, I will quit burning the midnight oil! ;)

Here are a few of my newest creations! :)

Interlocking heart pendants that can be worn together or taken apart and shared :)

Music to my ears! I had to make these in honor of my opera singing husband :)

Romantic pumpkin necklace.....I can't wait for the fall and the upcoming Holidays!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet the Family!

I thought I would introduce you to the other job I have other than Jewelry Maker Extraordinaire (ha ha!). It's called "Mom!" This is my most important job, and I am so grateful that I can create jewelry from my home and be with my little ones too.....even if my nine month old is always trying to steal my "bling" from me. I swear, she has jewelry radar :)

My baby girl, Samantha, on her Birthday! I can't believe she is now nine months old!

Getting older :) She's my cute little bunny!

Playing dress-up

Big brother, Ethan <3

At Legoland for his 7th birthday...boy, time flies (sniff!)

Now off to have fun with the kiddies, and maybe, just maybe, find time to create some jewelry! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Business!

Hi, my name is Leslie, and I am a stay at home mommy with a beautiful new baby girl and a darling (almost) 7 year old boy. I was a teacher, but now I am excited that I get the opportunity to be at home with my babies. I have been an artist and interested in all things crafty since my first memories (it's definitely a family thing!) Portrait work was my first passion, but now I am crazy about jewelry design. I have been making jewelry for about 6 years, but I just recently opened my first internet shop on Etsy. It's a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. I am trying to find that balance of family (first), friends, networking, and actually getting to make my jewelry! Hmmm...doing housework and cooking haven't seemed to make the cut ;)

Here's a sample of my most current items:

My children are demanding my attention, I will let this be the finish to my first blog. Now, hopefully, I can get some followers (writing to oneself may be therapeutic, but I have a diary for that ;)